2019-2020 Purefoy PTA Board


 Sarah Pittman  president@purefoypta.org
 1st VP/Membership  Stephanie Blackburn  membership@purefoypta.org
 2nd VP/Programs  Kim Gold  programs@purefoypta.org
 3rd VP/Ways & Means  Susan Singleton  waysandmeans@purefoypta.org
 Treasurer  Kristen Cole  treasurer@purefoypta.org
 Secretary  Erin Kotze  secretary@purefoypta.org
 Parliamentarian  Laura Uldrich  parliamentarian@purefoypta.org
 Arts in Education Chair  Megan Mucci  artsineducation@purefoypta.org
 Book Fair Chair  Kirsten Lile  bookfair@purefoypta.org
 Box Tops Chair  Abby Trapp  boxtops@purefoypta.org
 Carnival Chair  Maria Clavijo-Demchalk  carnival@purefoypta.org
 Publicity Chair  Meredith Hardee  publicity@purefoypta.org
 Council Delegate  Deborah McCloskey  councildelegate@purefoypta.org
 Directory Chair  Lundy Waldo  directory@purefoypta.org
 Environmental/Safety Chair  Robin Laboi  environmental@purefoypta.org
 Fun Run Chair  Julie Lane  funrun@purefoypta.org
 Healthy Lifestyles Chair  Laura Holland  healthylifestyles@purefoypta.org
 Historian  April Brickey  historian@purefoypta.org
 Hospitality Chair  Kim Nelson  hospitality@purefoypta.org
 Inclusivity/Multi-Cultural Chair  Megan Holland  inclusivity@purefoypta.org
 Room Parent Coordinator  Kristen William  roomparent@purefoypta.org
 EAGER Chair  Stephanie Denton  sage@purefoypta.org
 Spirit Wear  Lauren Bowman  spiritwear@purefoypta.org
 Store Programs  Annemarie Bohn  storeprograms@purefoypta.org
 Volunteer Coordinator  Andra Tenkhoff  volunteers@purefoypta.org
 WatchDOG Coordinator  CB Williams  watchdogs@purefoypta.org




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